How to judge and calculate the pressure difference of each cylinder of the engine

Technical standards for gas pressure: CA6102: 934KPaEQ6100 is not less than 834KPa, the use limit is 670KPa The fourth cylinder does not meet the conditions, you should check and calculate the average of the two measurements of each cylinder: then calculate the average pressure of the six cylinders. Calculate whether the pressure difference of each cylinder exceeds 6% of the average The maximum value of the average value is: 802.5x(1+5%)=842.625Kp8 The minimum value of the average value is: 8025x(1-5%)=762.375Kpa If the measured average value is between (762.375-842625) Kpa, it meets the requirements. The fourth cylinder is less than the average value and should be checked. Measuring cylinder pressure is a simple and scientific method of diagnosing engine failures. The correct use of the method of measuring cylinder pressure can accurately and quickly diagnose some common engine failures, especially those drivers and repairers should master. The car should start smoothly when the ambient temperature is not lower than -5℃, and it is allowed to start no more than 3 times, and each start should not be more than 5s. Check that more than three starts or more than 5s are unqualified. Hot car starts on the engine. Under normal operating temperature, it can be started within 5 seconds. If it does not meet the requirements, the vacuum degree is unqualified. When the gasoline engine is idling, the vacuum degree of the intake manifold should be within the range of 57-70kPa. (The plane shall prevail) Failure to meet the requirements is the unqualified vacuum fluctuation range. When the engine is on, the intake manifold vacuum fluctuates The six-cylinder gasoline engine does not exceed 3kPa, and the Sijiang gasoline engine does not exceed 5kPa. Use a tachometer and vacuum gauge to check the atmospheric pressure based on sea level. Standard) Failure to meet the requirements is the unqualified cylinder pressure value. Cylinder compression pressure should meet the original design regulations. Use a tachometer. Cylinder pressure gauge inspection does not meet the requirements. The pressure difference of each cylinder is the difference between the pressure of each cylinder and the average pressure of each cylinder. Not exceed 89, diesel engine not more than 10% using tachometer, cylinder pressure gauge or engine comprehensive analyzer to measure failure to meet the requirements as unqualified



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